Self Publishing

Once you make the decision to have your book published you have a choice to make

Traditional or Self Publishing?

Knowing nothing about either, but having an inherent bias towards self publishing, I set about learning what would be involved:


How writing a book can take over your life…

It was way back in 2010 that I had the idea of writing a book based on my family history research. I’d never done any creative writing before and had never imagined being an author, but I had a story … Continue reading

5 Reasons I Chose to Self-Publish

There’s a lot written on the relative merits of traditional vs self-publishing. There is a view that many authors only self-publish after failing to secure an agent or traditional publishing deal. While this may be the case for some, more … Continue reading 

Self-Publishing – A Beginner’s Guide

Once I’d made the decision to publish my book, the most immediate question was whether to go down the traditional publishing route or to self-publish. With the caveat that I am very new to this, I’m struggling to see the … Continue reading 

Another Reason To Self-Publish?

I came across a blog that was talking about diversity in the publishing world. Apparently a couple of years ago there were calls from readers for more diversity in books. It seems it was quite a big thing on social media, … Continue reading 

Thoughts about editing

The decision to publish my book has brought with it the realisation that it will need editing. The problem is, now I’ve read up about it, it doesn’t seem as straightforward as I thought. Working with an editor wasn’t something … Continue reading 

Edit Like A Pro: Guest Post by Harry Bingham

Originally posted on David Gaughran:
Last week, I spoke about the importance of getting the basics right. This week we are going to focus on editing, and in particular self-editing. One of the more common criticisms self-publishers receive is with…

How to Format an eBook for Kindle

One of the things I’ve been doing recently is formatting my books for the Kindle. I’d read a number of articles suggesting that it could be difficult and seen other websites offering Kindle formatting as a service and so I … Continue reading 

Plan for Success: How Indie Writers can become Successful Authors

Self-publishing a book can be as simple as uploading your Word document to Amazon, pressing the publish button and sitting back to see what happens. If you want your book to be a success, however, the chances are you are going to need to do a whole lot more than that … Continue reading 

Twelve Things to do Prior to Launching a Book

If I’d known then, what I know now, would I have ever written a book? It’s a question I’ve been asking myself repeatedly over recent weeks and if I’m being perfectly honest, I think the answer would be no! That’s … Continue reading 

I Can Write a Book!

Can I write a book? That was the question I asked three years ago when I put my first post on this site. It had taken me three years to write the post in the first place as I was … Continue reading