Family History

Researching Family History can be fascinating to those who are interested … but as dull as watching paint dry to those who don’t ‘get it’.

When I first started I would share my new found information with the family. Occasionally I would print everything out so they could share the excitement I was feeling.

Except they didn’t…  (with one or two notable exceptions)

Nevertheless, I carried on and after about two years I knew I had some information that really would be of interest.

There was a real story emerging from the pages of these historic records.
One that uncovered things we had never known before
…and some of it was shocking

It was then that I had the idea of turning the Story into a Novel.

The book, which I agonised over writing, has now turned into books (pleural), and soon I hope the story will mean as much to everyone else as it does to me.

The blogs below capture the ups and downs as I journeyed into the unknown…


Can I Write a Book?

Where to start… I never set out to write a book, in fact nothing could have been further from my mind.  My interest was in discovering my family history… the project just sort of grew. It all started from anecdotes … Continue reading 

The Trials and Tribulations of a First Time Author

The beginning of 2011 was when I finally started my journey as an author. Little did I know then what lay ahead.  My first attempt at an introduction was so contrived that it rapidly made it into the recycle bin. … Continue reading 

The Perils of Turning Fact into Fiction

If you’re familiar with family history research, you’ll know there is a lot of information available. From the ten yearly census records, to births, deaths and marriage certificates,  Parish records, copies of wills, newspaper articles … Continue reading 

Nearly There

Am I a failure or have I got something to be proud of? Despite the fact that it started so well, over the summer I feel I have become a complete failure at posting regular blogs. It is so easy … Continue reading 

Last Chapter

A chapter is just a chapter isn’t it? I thought so, until a few weeks ago, when I realised that the last chapter is a different beast entirely. I’ve been getting excited about finishing my first draft for a couple … Continue reading 

Why and How

‘Why’ and ‘How’. Two very short words, but words I have increasingly struggled with as I’ve tried to make sense of everything I’ve gathered for my book. Those of you who’ve been following this blog will know that I am … Continue reading 

When Writing Fiction Based on Real Life – Should you Change Character Names?

When I started my writing journey, I used the real names of the characters. It wasn’t because I was being lazy, it was because I was writing about  my ancestors and I wanted to ‘connect’ with them and know who … Continue reading 

Twelve Things to do Prior to Launching a Book

If I’d known then, what I know now, would I have ever written a book? It’s a question I’ve been asking myself repeatedly over recent weeks and if I’m being perfectly honest, I think the answer would be no! That’s … Continue reading 

I Can Write a Book!

Can I write a book? That was the question I asked three years ago when I put my first post on this site. It had taken me three years to write the post in the first place as I was … Continue reading 

Why I wrote a book

I didn’t set out to be an author. The fact is, when the idea of writing a novel kept nudging itself into my mind, I did everything I could to resist it. I am a scientist by training, and creative … Continue reading

Walk a Mile in their Shoes

“You can never truly judge a person until you’ve walked a mile in their shoes.” When I started researching my family history, I wanted to do more than just collect names, dates and places. I know that’s where you have … Continue reading

The Story is Complete!

Today marks a big day! Nearly nine years ago, I had the notion to turn my family history into a novel. Not because I’d always wanted to be an author – the thought had never crossed my mind before – … Continue reading