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I didn’t ever envisage being an author, and certainly not of historical fiction, but as I researched my Family History, there was something about the unfolding story that compelled me to take this leap into the unknown. Initially, I wrote for my own benefit, but after much deliberation, I decided the story of my ancestors needed to be told.

That was back in 2010/11. I’m currently revising and editing the novel (now a five part series with a short story prequel) and have started to publish it.

Outside of writing I am a scientist by training and have worked in the pharmaceutical industry for many years.  I was born and raised in Liverpool but now live in Cheshire with my husband, youngest daughter and cat. In addition to Family History, my interests include rock music and Liverpool Football Club.

The Ambition & Destiny Series is set in and around Birmingham (UK) between 1839 and 1910. Although inspired by the information I uncovered, it is very much a work of fiction.


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  1. pattimoed says:

    Hi Val. Thanks so much for linking to my articles on creating a compelling opening! I appreciate it. Best of luck in your creative endeavors–Patti


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