I Can Write a Book!

Can I write a book? That was the question I asked three years ago when I put my first post on this site. It had taken me three years to write the post in the first place as I was pretty sure that the answer would be NO. But I’m nothing if not tenacious, and when I set my mind on something, there is not a lot can stop me following through!

Not having any idea of what I was doing, I’ve taken a lot of tiny steps over the last six years, but finally, the first part of my family saga, Hooks & Eyes, is available on Amazon!  😃

To say it is a feeling of accomplishment is an understatement as any of you who have published a book will understand. But now, with the book done, I have a strange feeling of what next? Not that I’m short of things to do. I have numerous emails to write and promotions to set up to tell the world that my ‘baby’ is out there. Not to mention the fact that I have another four books in the series that need either editing or writing. Yet somehow, for now, they can wait. I need a little time take stock and reflect on what I’ve achieved.

In doing so, I can’t help but wonder if I asked the right question all those years ago. Rather than ‘Can I write a book?’ perhaps I should have asked, ‘Can I write a good book?’ A book that people will want to read and will remember.

I guess I’ll have to be patient for a while longer before I find the answer to that. For now, it’s time to be happy and hope other people like what I’ve written.

Hooks & Eyes will be available on Amazon for 99p / 99c (or equivalent) until end March 2017 and is FREE as part of Kindle Unlimited.

Why not get your copy today?

Part 1

Hooks & Eyes

To start again, Mary must leave the past behind… 
When young widow Mary Jackson moves to the nearby town of Birmingham, she hopes to put her troubled past behind her. But with two small children to take care of, she fears for the future.

Living with an elderly aunt, she takes a job making Hooks & Eyes for the ambitious Mr Wetherby. The work is tedious and conditions poor, but for the sake of the children, she perseveres. Until Mr Wetherby makes known his feelings for her.

Frightened and confused, Mary flees. But when Mr Wetherby tracks her down, she needs to make a choice. Will her decision give the family the future she hopes for? Or will she destroy the very thing she’s determined to protect?

Hooks & Eyes is the first instalment of The Ambition & Destiny Series. A captivating story of love, loss and betrayal.



About Val McBeath

Born and raised in Liverpool (UK), I live in Cheshire with husband, youngest daughter, and cat. In addition to family history, interests include rock music and Liverpool Football Club. Prior to writing, I trained as a scientist and worked in the pharmaceutical industry for many years. In 2012, I set up my own consultancy business and now split my time between business and writing.
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